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Some timestamps for live streams and stuff. My attention span is short so I usually don't watch the full things one sitting.

...And a lot of SpawnCast episodes, but they cover relevant video game topics, so I don't think they feature too much interesting Scott The Woz trivia.

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Scott The Woz Episodes That Doesn't Begin With Hey All, Scott Here (So I can remember)


  • Episode 8: Nintendo Switch: Three Days In (has a section before Hey All, Scott Here where Wozniak talks about nature)
  • Technically Episode 9: Console Wars as it begins with Hey All, Scott He-
  • Episode 14: Star Fox Zero - Bad Game or Baddest Game (Begins with Ah after Wozniak drinks Rubbing Alcohol.)
  • Episode 52: History of Nintendo Switch (NX) Rumors and Leaks (starts with Oh Man)
  • Technically Episode 55: Most Wanted HD Remakes just like Console Wars it starts with Hey All, Scott He-
  • Technically Episode 57: Nintendo Switch: One Year In as it starts with H-hey all, Scott here.
  • Episode 60: The WiiWare Chronicles I: Begins with "Huff Puff"
  • Episode 67: The WiiWare Chronicles II: Begins with "Christ I'm Mental"

Time Stamps for Games On A Shelf in Game Stores

  • 1:38
  • 4:19
  • 6:46
  • 8:35
  • 11:21

2020 end cards screenshots

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