The Ghost of Christmas Shaft, formerly Chet Shaft, is a major character in the Scott The Woz universe, being the manager of the store, Games on a Shelf, and adviser to the new employee, Scott Wozniak, he also appears in Episode 140: The Great Mysteries of Gaming as he hosts a dinner party and later gets murdered by Steel Wool. He is played by Will Kanwischer.


Chet is very manipulative, persuading Scott to give him a good report on a manager form, pushing him to start advertising pre-orders, and so on. He also has a high temper, as he starts to freak out when he tells Scott about how the store is going to go under. He is later seen to become more welcoming and less forcing, this is most likely because of him leaving Games on a Shelf.

In Game Stores

Throughout the episode, Chet teaches Scott about the basics of running a game store and tries to get more sales through pre-orders. Scott takes his advise haphazardly and pushed pre-orders to the customers. Near the end of the episode, Chet informs Scott the store isn't making enough money, as he starts to get angrier, he scares Scott into quitting.

In The Great Mysteries of Gaming

Scott finds an invitation in his closet from Chet to make up for their previous outage at Games on a Shelf. When Scott gets to his house, he finds out the Terry Lesler, Jeb Jab, Wendy's Employee, Steel Wool, and Rex Mohs have some sort-of connection to Chet in the past.

Suddenly, a TV turns on which shows a live recording of Shaft, somewhere else. He explains that he has some prior obligations to take care of, but welcomes the guests to try all the food provided.

Shaft returns to thank the guests for their services, specifically thanking Scott Wozniak for getting him fired. Suddenly, the lights turn off and come back on, only to see Shaft murdered and lying on the floor.

Shaft's death would serve as the catalyst for the rest of the episode, as the group tries to figure out who the murderer was. Near the end of the episode, Scott Wozniak finds out Steel Wool was the one who murdered everyone, starting with Shaft. Steel Wool says Shaft deserved it as he was apparently laundering money from someone. Scott Wozniak claims that Shaft, along with everyone else, is currently getting treated a hospital.

In It's a Bargain Bin Christmas

After upsetting the murderees of the Foundation for Recent Murderees, Scott Wozniak runs outside the building where the charity was held, where he is greeted by Chet Shaft, who, after his death, is known as The Ghost of Christmas Shaft.

After explaining how Scott Wozniak wasn't helping the murderees due to being kind, rather, how it was for self-profit, Shaft leads Wozniak to the new owner of his desk, where he shows Wozniak how selling his desk helped someone else.

After Wozniak puts the copies of Madden NFL 08 for the PlayStation Portable, PC, Mac, and the copy of EA Sports 08 Collection he received from the murderees along with his other Madden NFL 08 copies, Wozniak receives a new desk from Shaft and Vince Young.


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