Terry Lesler is a vegan and the owner of the Vegans Anonymous Gathering. Since his first appearance in A Very Madden 08 Christmas, Lesler became a recurring character in the Scott The Woz series. He is played by Joe Robertson.

In A Very Madden 08 Christmas

After finding out Scott Wozniak hid a gallon of milk in his jacket, he is reluctant with him, and Wozniak tries to please him by showcasing different versions of Madden NFL 08. After going over the Wii version of 08, Lesler proclaims that Madden NFL 08 isn't really for them, which angers Wozniak, and, after seeing Boomer with a copy of Madden NFL 09, he destroys it and runs off.

Wozniak then returns with a bag full of stolen Madden 18 copies and throws it into their fridge, which gets Lesler and Jeb Jab falsely accused of being the Madden 18 culprits.

After the situation gets settled, Wozniak apologizes to Lesler and Jab, Tesler doesn't accept his apology, as Wozniak "kidnapped and framed" the group.

In The Great Mysteries of Gaming

Lesler is one of the guests invited to Chet Shaft's dinner party and explains that Shaft was a former Vegans Anonymous Gathering member who was kicked out for buying milk.

Lesler splits up with Jeb Jab and Rex Mohs to try to find clues of who Chet Shaft's killer might be. Lesler's and Mohs's arguing causes Jeb Jab to leave which ends up with him being killed. While Lesler's death isn't shown, his body is still seen when Scott Wozniak takes down Steel Wool.

In It's a Bargain Bin Christmas

Lesler, along with Rex Mohs, Jeb Jab, Wendy's Employee, and Rex Mohs, show up to the gala in support for the Foundation of Recent Murderees. After Scott Wozniak's speech about the "murder" of Lesler and the other "murderees", Wozniak gifts Lesler and the others shovelware games. Lesler asks Wozniak what the games are, prompting Wozniak to explain through song. After the song, Lesler and the others express displease with the presents; Lesler stated that he felt like "[he'd] been murdered all over again." In an attempt to make the murderees forgive him, Wozniak gives Lesler and Jab a burger. Lesler tells Wozniak that they're vegan, to which Wozniak states that he's aware, and hence discluded cheese from the burger.

Angered that the murderees didn't appreciate his gifts, Wozniak storms outside, where he meets with Chet Shaft's ghost, The Ghost of Christmas Shaft. While Wozniak was talking with Shaft, the murderees were discussing how they were potentially "too hard on [Wozniak]". After the murderees discussion, Jab finds a receipt inside the gala building. The receipt states that Wozniak had sold his desk to fund the gala, which the murderees find admirable.

Shortly thereafter, Wozniak, after finding confidence from Shaft and Vince Young, returns to the gala and apologizes to the murderees for giving them cheap games. They forgive him and gift him Madden NFL 08 on Macintosh, Madden NFL 08 on the PlayStation Portable, and the EA Sports 08 Collection. Jab also attempts to give Wozniak a copy of Battleborn for the PlayStation 4; however, Wozniak declines.

In The Trial

Lesler arrives at New Location McGee to the discuss the lawsuit against Steel Wool along with Scott Wozniak, Jeb Jab, Wendy's Employee, and Rex Mohs. After a carpool, they (along with Steel Wool) arrive at the courthouse, named The Litigation Station. Throughout the case, Lesler primarily acts as Scott Wozniak's co-counsel.

During Rex Mohs cross-examination, Liza Lotts, Steel Wool's defense attorney, acts the people at the courthouse to identify a picture of Steel Wool's gun. When she shows Lesler, he states that he believes it to be the letter L.

After Wendy's Employee's cross-examination, Wozniak summons Lesler to the stand. After greeting each other, Wozniak asks Lesler to point at his killer. Lesler refuses due to not being able to face him. Wozniak asks what Lesler wants out of the trial, which Lesler answers by saying that he wishes for an apology. Wozniak states that, unless Lesler points at his killer, he won't get an apology. Lesler questions how poining at someone can "decide [their] destiny", but begrudgingly points at Mohs. Lotts picks up on how Lesler pointed at Mohs, rather than Steel Wool, although the event is ultimately dismissed.

During Lotts' cross-examination with Wozniak, Lesler asks Mohs who his "plus nine" was. Mohs then reveals that he knew the justices of the Supreme Court from back when he was a bailiff. After speaking about the subject for a short while, Lesler realizes that they can threaten Steel Wool into confessing by revealing Mohs' relationship with the justcies of the Supreme Court. After passing a threat letter to Steel Wool, he confesses to "murdering" Tesler, Jab, Mohs, Chet Shaft, and Wendy's Employee. The unnamed presiding judge commends Steel Wool for confessing, and sentences him to death.

In Memory Cards

While Scott Wozniak is searching for pumpkins in a field, he finds the unpermitted Lesler Pumpkin Orchard, where he is greeted by Lesler. After discussing for a while, Wozniak finds a pumpkin which he expresses interest in buying. Lelser begins to cut the pumpkin off of its tree and, after Lesler finishes cutting it off, the pumpkin falls and breaks upon impact with the ground. Later, Wozniak finds another pumpkin, which he buys. Back at his home, Wozniak starts to prepare for a half-pumpkin half-Halloween party, to which he invites Lesler.

Later when Lesler arrives at New Location McGee, Wozniak asks him to wait as he was currently discussing memory cards. After discussing memory cards, Wozniak returns to the door and greets Lesler. Wozniak asks if Lesler dressed up as a meat eater, to which Lesler responds with saying that he's going as a person.

After checking up with the pumpkin Wozniak had previously bought, Wendy's Employee arrives at the party. Later, Jeb Jab and Rex Mohs also arrive at the party.

When talking about memory cards, Wozniak suggests that he and the attendees at the party should check the data on pre-owned memory cards Wozniak had bought, which they do. Upon checking two Nintendo GameCube memory cards, the attendees of the party find out that they have the same contents, which they find "odd". They then check another memory card, where they find save data from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Upon opening the save data, they find that the first save file inside the game is named "hELP", which Wozniak thought could be a code for the name Jim. They proceed to check another Nintendo GameCube memory card, and once they open it, they found out it has 15 and possibly more saves of Vivarium's 2006 game Odama.

After checking the 4th memory card, Mohs suggests they leave New Location McGee, which all other attendees agree with. Upon attempting to leave, the door closes and locks, which Wozniak believed was due to a rat.

After finding out that memory card support was removed in later models of the Xbox 360, the attendees run into Wozniak's room while screaming. After discussing what to do, a memory card is stabbed into Wendy's Employee's leg, killing him. After discussing more memory cards, Mohs says that the events remind him of outside. Wozniak then, after hearing Mohs talking about being outside, believes that if they get the ghost outside, they'll be able to stop it. Lesler then follows the theory up by saying that if they want to bring the ghost outside, they need to stun it with something "big, bulky, and orange." Wozniak realizes that the pumpkin he had bought from the Lesler Pumpkin Orchard fits Lesler's description, and uses it to stun the ghost. Wozniak then stuns the ghost with the pumpkin, which also breaks it. After Wozniak stunned the ghost, Mohs attempts to throw the ghost out of a window; however, he misses his first throw due to the mirror over his face obstructing his vision. After successfully throwing out the ghost, Wozniak ends the party.

Before leaving, Lesler expresses his displease with Wozniak destroying the pumpkin, noting that it "a whole 'being a pumpkin' infront of it". After Lesler left, Wozniak rants about Lesler and his displease, while also attempting to justify destroying the pumkin.

In Speed Dating

After realizing that he needs to marry someone with a nephew to become an uncle, Scott Wozniak calls Lesler, Rex Mohs, and Jerry Attricks over to New Location McGee to found the Fuck Scott Task Force. After discussing, Lesler suggests that Wozniak should try speed dating to find a sexual partner. After proposing the idea, the uninvited Target Employee states that he would be interested in helping Wozniak train for the speed dating.

After discussing how the Fuck Scott Task Force could speed date "in honor" of Target Employee's late brother, Wendy's Employee, Lesler and the others practice speed dating. After a while of practicing, Wozniak's date shows up; however, the group yells at her to leave as they have yet to fully prepare, ending the episode.



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