This page details the rules of the wiki. Breaking a rule will result in a warning and if, after a warning, a user continues to break the rules, they will be blocked from editing on the wiki, with the length of the block depending on the severity of a user's actions. If a user rapidly breaks a rule on multiple pages, a block may be issued without a warning. Unregistered users may be blocked without warning.

While editing on the wiki, you must also follow the Terms of Use of Fandom.



Vandalism to pages/user profiles will result in a warning, which is followed by a month-long ban if the user continues to vandalize. If, after the block, the user continues with vandalism, a permanent block may be delivered.

It should be noted that creating blank or informal pages may be seen as vandalism.


Disrespecting or harassing other users in any way is not tolerated on this wiki, and doing so may result in an immediate block, depending on the cirumstances.

Fan fiction and community projects

Due to this wiki mainly covering official Scott The Woz information, fan fiction is not allowed on the wiki. Similarly, articles covering community-run projects are usually not supposed to be created. If you do believe that a fan project has significantly contributed to the Scott The Woz community, you may add it to List of Scott The Woz fan projects and accounts. Projects may also be added if they have over 100 followers on any social media platform, such as YouTube or Twitter.


Articles should be generally kept uniformed, especially in their sections. Most pages should consists of three main sections: the opening paragraph, an "In [Episode]" section covering the character/location's appearance in an episode,[1] and a "Trivia" section, which should cover trivia points and other miscellaneous information. Furthermore, this wiki is written in American English, so using British English is generally ill-avised.


Videos and episodes follow a unique uniform, consisting of:

  • A "Description" section, which should include the official video description on YouTube
  • A "Characters" section that should list the different characters that appeared in the video
    • A sub-section to "Characters", "Credits", which should include the different people who worked on the video and their role(s)
  • A "Plot" section that should have an extensive plot description of the video
  • A "Music" section that should include the different pieces of music used in the video. The music should be explained through a bulleted list, where each piece should be formatted as "[Music] - [Work of origin/artist]".
  • A "Cards" section, which should include the info cards in the video. In most cases, a sub-section to "Cards", titled "End Cards", should be added, which should list a video's end cards.
  • A "Gallery" section, which should include related videos and pictures.
  • A "Transcript" section, which should include a full-transcript of a video.
  • A "Trivia" section, which, like other pages, should list miscellaneous information.

User pages

Similarly to Wikipedia, user pages should preferably not be used as a personal blog or social media profile, rather, it should include text pertaining to this project, such as notes or a list of contributions.


Due to swearing frequently appearing on the Scott The Woz YouTube channel, this wiki permits the use of swearing, as long as it's used in an educational or non-toxic way.

Discussions and blog posts

Discussions and blog posts should be kept pertaining to Scott The Woz and close affiliates.


  1. For entities that have appeared in multiple episodes with the same general purpose (such as New Location McGee), sections on its different appearences are not needed.
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