"Hey all, Scott here" ― Scott Wozniak[link]

Scott Wozniak (full name: Scott Climax[14] Scatt[15] "Daniel"[16] "Resourceful"[17] "Will Eventually Take a Look at the First Mega Man"[18] "Your Next Employee"[19] "W.E.L.A.T.F.M.M."[20][21] "Scott the Woz"[22] Buff[14] Wazniak[15] Wozniak (working title)[23]) (pronounced: s k AH t w AH z - n ee - ae k) is an American Internet personality and building,[24] known for the series Scott The Woz. He was born on June 2, 1997 (age: 23). He used to live in Where the Climax Buffs Roam, Waterville, Ohio, United States of America, however, he later moved to Near That Grey Road, Waterville, Ohio, United States of America. He attended the Climax Buff High in high school and later in university he attended two schools, Climax Buff U and The University of Toledo.[25] He also attended an unspecified college, where he earnt a degree in fishy names.[26]

Throughout videos, his clothing frequently changes.


The character Scott Wozniak is playing is a fictional version of himself. He often exaggerates things and often speaks in a dried, sarcastic, and absurd tone.[27] He is also obsessed with Madden NFL 08.


  • Color blindness: Wozniak has mentioned throughout several videos that he's colorblind, but he confirmed that he's actually colorblind in an AMA on the Nintendo subreddit.[28]
  • Osteoporosis: In The WiiWare Chronicles V Wozniak repeatedly says "I have a Wii loaded with WiiWare games!" until a doctor says to Wozniak "You have Osteoporosis", Wozniak looked shocked by the news.
  • Anxiety: In A Very Madden 08 Christmas mentions how he feels overwhelmed with anxiety, how bad the anxiety was is however unknown. It is later confirmed in Let's Make A Smash Bros. Game! that he has not been cured of his anxiety.
  • Not Giving A Shit About LootCrate: In Subscription Boxes Wozniak says in the Ending gag that he's been diagnosed with Not Giving A Shit About LootCrate in the past 12 minutes.
  • Urinary Tract Infection: At the end of Night Trap Wozniak's doctor calls him and tells him that he has a Urine Tract Infection.
  • Scoliosis: Wozniak started the possibility that he has Scoliosis as in Microconsoles Wozniak mentions that he suspects he has Scoliosis but is too self-conscious to consult his doctor about it but in The WiiWare Chronicles I when Wozniak is playing Sexy Poker and playing against Sakura she says that if Wozniak impresses him she'll give him her special treatment, Wozniak responds to it by saying that he really needs help with his Scoliosis and her special treatment would be useful, confirming he has Scoliosis.
  • Most Peopleitus: In A Very Madden 08 Christmas Wozniak says he's been diagnosed with Most Peopleitus, which made him numb to Madden 08's effects, he, however, lost it later.
  • Stealing Every Copy of Madden 18 out of Spiteitus: In A Very Madden 08 Christmas Wozniak steals a bunch of copies of the (then) newest Madden NFL Football game, Madden 18, which caused him to be diagnosed with Stealing Every Copy of Madden 18 out of Spiteitus.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD): In Player's Choice Wozniak mentions how he unknowingly has OCD when talking about how he likes consistency in his games' spine.
  • Mild Congestion: In Limited Edition Consoles, Wozniak gets diagnosed with mild congestion, which causes him to talk about what sick people talk about, limited edition consoles. Later when Wozniak received an official statement from his doctor saying that if he didn't do something about his mild congestion he was gonna die in 60 to 70 years.
  • Disappointment: In E3 2017 Wozniak is told by Dr. E. Bill that he's been diagnosed with Disappointment.
  • Yeast Infection: In Chia Pet Wozniak attempts to pour Chia seeds on his head to feel like the Chia pets, later when he called the doctor he was told that they had given him a Yeast Infection on his head.
  • Lie about plastic deficiency to get a free Wii Zapper syndrome: In Wii Accessories, Wozniak starts a health initiative to bring awareness to plastic deficiency as he had supposedly been diagnosed with it, however, he then states that he lied about his diagnosis of plastic deficiency to get a free Wii Zapper, giving him lie about plastic deficiency to get a free Wii Zapper syndrome.
  • Tweeting about a new episode of Scott The Woz on Wii Chess: As noted in the announcement Tweet for Wii Chess | It Exists!, Wozniak was diagnosed with Tweeting about a new episode of Scott The Woz on Wii Chess in 2020.
  • Street smarts: In Polybius, Wozniak mentions that he was diagnosed with street smarts. He uses his street smarts by taking out a baseball bat from a field next to him and throwing it at the Polybius arcade cabinet that was chasing him.

Criminal record

This list includes crimes that are illegal in any country, while Adultery isn't illegal in Ohio it is illegal in Idaho, an exception is communistic countries.

  • Kidnapping: Wozniak kidnapped his friend Dominic who didn't agree to go vape on the principle that he didn't want skin cancer, so Wozniak lied saying they were going to a Bible Study and when he figured out that they were going vaping, Wozniak kidnapped him. He later committed the crime again in A Very Madden 08 Christmas where he kidnaps the Vegans Anonymous Gathering, with an exception of Boomer.
  • Tax evasion: On multiple occasions, Wozniak shows his clear fixation towards taxes and the IRS. He has been seen ripping up IRS papers in Subscription Services and is seen purposefully ignoring IRS mail in The Great Mysteries of Gaming, and mentions his tax evasion on multiple other occasions.
  • Having a Wii with multiple WiiWare games: Wozniak owns a Wii where he had filled it to the brim with WiiWare games, which caused him to be Wanted during the process of the Wii Shop Channel Closure, he was later moved from just wanted to be on top of the FBI's most-wanted list, however, since the end of The WiiWare Apocalypse, he was presumably transferred back to the FBI's Who Gives a Piss section.
  • Selling Sonic Mega Collection: When Wozniak was younger he would sell his games, one of the games being Sonic Mega Collection. As a result, he was placed on the 21st spot on the Worst People in History list on Ranker.
  • Illegal gambling with pregnant women: Wozniak attempted to hold a gambling session where he and other people placed bets to see which pregnant woman would give birth first. When the crime went public, he was given a restraining order and had to talk about launch titles.
  • Heckling dogs at a dog pound: Wozniak later after the event of his Illegal Gambling with pregnant women he decided to heckle dogs at a dog pound, Wozniak was disappointed in himself, saying "When will I learn".
  • Stealing all the copies of Madden 18 from Target: In a fit of rage, Wozniak stole every available copy of Madden 18 from a Target and blamed it on the Vegans Anonymous Gathering. The Vegans Anonymous Gathering filed him a restraining order against Wozniak due to him blaming his crime on them.
  • Partying: It's possible that Wozniak has had cops come over to his house because of a party. Which is rumored as Wozniak can give advice on how to make sure someone's party doesn't get stopped by the cops. As said in Super Mario Odyssey vs Breath of the Wild | Battle of the Masterpieces.
  • Illegal protesting: When the timeline was altered to not have Madden games Wozniak decided to protest against Dick Vitale, which caused him to be put under House Arrest.
  • Owning The Guy Game: Wozniak has owned a copy of The Guy Game for the original Xbox, the game is illegal to own as it was underaged Pornography.
  • Selling illegal items: Wozniak after figuring out that The Guy Game was illegal he sold it to a random person and lied saying it was legal.
  • Littering: When Wozniak headed towards his car once, he dropped a plastic water bottle with water in it.
  • Video game adultery: Wozniak has gone on record to say that he has used Cheat Codes in games and also said that Cheat Codes are Video Game Adultery.
  • Money burning: In Episode 30: Gaming on a Budget, Scott Wozniak is seen putting one-dollar bills into a paper shredder, he refers to the crime as "passing the time by spending money on passing the time", however, Scott Wozniak commented on Gaming on a Budget saying "It's prop money.", it's unknown if it's talking in-universe or if it was only a legal disclaimer.
  • Burglary: In Gaming on a Budget became homeless and lived in someone's Attic unbeknownst to them.
  • Witchcraft: In E3 2019 Wozniak says he's started to do Witchcraft, with his newly found Witchcraft powers he looks into the future to spoil the future E3's for himself, the first thing he spoils is that Bethesda E3 won't be good.
  • Beating Devil's Third: At the end of Devil's Third | Nintendo's Adopted Abomination Wozniak says that for beating Devil's Third he probably got put on some kind of watchlist.
  • Heckling a small business: For the 14th day of Bluth (Heckle a Small Business Day) Wozniak is obliged to Heckle a Small Business, which he then presumably did.
  • Giving beer to underage kids: In Homecoming, Wozniak was questioned by the police after DJ Abstinence called them to ask if it was illegal for them to be giving beer to kids without asking for their ID's (which Wozniak did during his homecoming dance).
  • Asking the president of Snickers for a loan: When Wozniak was in debt due to buying 20 houses by mistake, he calls the President of Snickers for a loan, which causes the Snickers company (Mars, Incorporated) to put him on some kind of blacklist.
  • Murder: In The Great Mysteries of Gaming, Wozniak gives Steel Wool the Madden curse which injures his foot, which diagnosed Steel Wool with murder.
  • Assault: In The Great Mysteries of Gaming, Wozniak gives Steel Wool the Madden curse which injures his foot, in response, Steel Wool said "Oh, my foot.".
  • Owning We Dare: In We Dare, Scott Wozniak calls Ubisoft support to make a complaint and learns We Dare is considered illegal contraband if played outside of Europe and Australia. He is sentenced to prison for an unknown amount of time.
  • Underaged drinking: In We Dare Scott Wozniak says that he's had the same Valentines tradition since 2003, a bottle of wine and body spray, considering the fact that Scott Wozniak was 6 years old in 2003, which would make mean he drank alcohol underage.
  • Candle enthusiasm: In Old Series, New Developer, Scott Wozniak received a lawsuit from an unnamed individual due to his enthusiasm for candles. The lawsuit was most likely given out due to Scott Wozniak ending his sentence where he states he likes candles with "sue me.".
  • Selling Wii Play: Motion separately: In Wii Play Motion | Eh, Why?, Wozniak finds out that Wii Play: Motion legally can't be sold separately from the Wii Remote it was packaged with. However, at that point, Wozniak already ran a Wii Play: Motion reselling company named Scott Wozniak's Wii Play Motion Reselling Studios

In media


Ceremony Award Year Status Real? Ref.
The Fratties Best Frat 2001* Won No [29]
Frat's Choice Awards Frat of a Year 2001 Won No [29]
New Scott The Woz Episode About Super Mario Kart Awards Unknown 2019 Unknown* No [30]
The ConnorEatsPantsies Best Content Creator Friend 2018 Won Yes [31]
The ConnorEatsPantsies Best Content Creator Friend 2019 Nominated Yes [32]
The ConnorEatsPantsies Best Youtuber 2021 Nominated Yes [33]
The Game Awards Best eSports Team 2020 Not nominated* Yes [34]


  • Scott Wozniak's sense of comedy and personality in the Scott The Woz series as a whole was presumed to be developed during the production of The Internet and You.[35]
  • In December 2020, Wozniak stated that he was 5 foot 9.[36]
  • Fellow YouTuber JonTron's Reddit was turned into a Scott The Woz subreddit while he was on a 10-month hiatus. In response, JonTron said Scott The Woz sounds like a terminal illness.
  • His e-mail address is scottthewoz@gmail.com but in the former Scott The Woz timeline, it's apparently scotthatesbreathofthewild@gmail.com.
  • His four favorite diseases are Scoliosis, Osteoporosis, Lupus, and Annapurna.[37]
  • Wozniak has a history of holding his thumb in inconvenient places.
  • As mentioned in Tech Demos, at an unspecified school, Wozniak's yearbook quote was "Stop licking my neck", the last sentence Wozniak said to the yearbook committee.
  • His journal is called My Life as a Dark Lord.
  • Wozniak has said on several occasions that he's Christian, the most two notable times of his Christianity are in The Bible Game and Top 10 Commandments.
  • Wozniak's blood type is Blood.[38]
  • As revealed in the beginning of You're Not an RPG Guy: A Scott The Woz Christmas, Wozniak's race is Not an RPG Guy and his zodiac sign is Alcoholic.[39]
  • He owns the Fastest Wall Touch World Record with a time of 00:00.18.[40]
  • Wozniak has believed that he will be known as "the guy who owns Sonic Jam" when he's dead.


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