Rex Mohs is a recurring character in the Scott The Woz series. First appearing in Homecoming, Mohs works as a chaperone for multiple types of events, including school dances, dinner parties, and trials (as a bailiff). He is played by Eric Turney.

In Homecoming

Scott Wozniak mentions at one point when planning the Homecoming dance that if things get out of hand he'll take care of it, Scott Wozniak then mentions how he has been violently conditioned to resist the things he resists, with the most important one being Sex.

Later when the unnamed Planner says that he can't spell Homecoming without alcohol poisoning, Rex Mohs can then be seen peeking around the corner of some door, and later appears to knock the alcohol out of Scott Wozniak's hand.

Later when DJ Anthony says that he has all his music on his "trusty" laptop, Rex Mohs runs up to him and breaks his laptop due to him mistaking it for a beer. He can then be seen being conditioned by the unnamed planner to pro-Alcohol, Drugs, Violence, Sex, and Sex.

He can then be seen helping the unnamed planner put up the banner for the Homecoming dance.

He can then be seen next to the banner for the Homecoming dance with his bat.

Later when Scott Wozniak opens the doors to the Homecoming dance, Rex Mohs can be seen guarding the dance so no one does anything wrong.

Then when Scott Wozniak is drinking a beer Rex Mohs knocks it out of his hands due to him mistaking it for not a beer.

Then when Scott Wozniak says "Condoms right?!" to the "kids" Rex Mohs screams "WHY AREN'T YOU FUCKING?!".

In The Great Mysteries of Gaming

Rex Mohs first appears in the episode when Scott Wozniak arrives at the Shaft Family Estate's Dinner Party, where he had been hired by Chet Shaft to act as chaperone. After watching Chet Shaft's video, he and all the other guests, get thanked by Chet Shaft, after being thanking the guests, Chet Shaft is killed by Steel Wool (however, that Steel Wool committed the crime was unknown to the other guests), Scott Wozniak directly after plays his recording of video game mysteries, causing Mohs to yell out "Somebody fucking died!".

After listening to Scott Wozniak's recording, the guests decide to split up, Mohs splits up with Terry Lesler and Jeb Jab, however, Mohs quickly gets into an argument with Terry Lesler, causing Jeb Jab to leave the group and then shortly after gets "murdered" by Steel Wool. Later when Scott Wozniak and Wendy's Employee discovers Jeb Jab's "dead" body, Mohs goes past a door, stops and exclaims "He was like that when I got here!", Scott Wozniak then plays his recording. While listening to the recording, Mohs finds Terry Lesler's body in an opening elevator. After stopping to guess who the "murderer" is, Steel Wool "murders" Mohs. Mohs is subsequently treated in hospital and makes a full recovery.

In The Dark Age of Nintendo

Mohs appears in every episode as someone who is invited over by Scott Wozniak to play "bad" Nintendo games from 2015.

In the first episode, Mohs shows up to New Location McGee when Scott Wozniak falsely informs everyone coming that they will be playing Gex: Enter the Gecko, when they will, in reality, be playing Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival.

In the second episode, Mohs shows up to New Location McGee under the same condition as the first episode, except that they're playing Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash instead of Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival.

In the final episode, Mohs again arrives at New Location McGee, however, unlike previous times, to play Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash. Later, while the other main characters of the sub-series are planning to go in the sewers to retrieve the copies of Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash that Wozniak has flushed down his toilet, Mohs runs away.

Shortly after the other main characters of the sub-series begin to be attacked by a sewer monster comprised out of copies of Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash, Mohs arrives in the sewers and attempts to stop the monster by throwing a corndog at it, however, it's ineffective and Mohs is captured by the monster.

Later when he's freed from the monster by Wozniak, he, along with the other main characters of the sub-series, go back to New Location McGee and reflect about the events that transpired. After talking, Wozniak suggests that they should play Gex: Enter the Gecko, which everyone agrees to.

In The Trial

Mohs arrives at New Location McGee to the discuss the lawsuit against Steel Wool along with Scott Wozniak, Jeb Jab, Terry Lesler, and Wendy's Employee. After a carpool, they (along with Steel Wool) arrive at the courthouse, named The Litigation Station.

Mohs is the third person to be called to the stand, where he's questioned about his opinion of Steel Wool by Wozniak. Mohs answers the question by saying that he thinks Steel Wool is a "fine person", but a better murderer. Wozniak, in response to Mohs' testimony, asks Mohs if he admits Steel Wool is a murderer, which Mohs answers by saying that he is, but only on October 27, 2019, the day Mohs was with Steel Wool. Liza Lotts, Steel Wool's defense attorney, objects to the possibility of a ruling based on the confession, as the confession mentioned that Steel Wool only commit murdered one day, an objection which the unnamed presiding judge sustains.

Wozniak continues the cross-examination by showing Mohs Steel Wool's gun and asking him to identify it. Mohs correctly identifies the object as a gun, which Lotts finds suspicious, as a non-perpetrator, in her opinion, wouldn't be able to identify the gun. Mohs attempts to convince the people in the courtroom that he accidentally said gun, and that he meant to say that it was a Beretta 92X full-size handgun, the presumed exact model of the gun, further incriminating Mohs. Lotts suggests that Mohs should be hooked up to a lie detector to see if he's the culprit or not, however, rather than a lie detector, a heart-rate monitor is hooked up to Mohs, which Mohs questions.

As Wozniak is asking Mohs if he killed anyone, Mohs' heart-rate monitor flatlines, which Lotts believes proves Mohs is the culprit. Mohs objects with the fact that he's hooked up to a heart-rate monitor rather than a lie detector. Lotts objects to Mohs' objection by saying that Steel Wool's heart-rate monitor isn't going off, which Mohs further objects to by saying that Steel Wool's not attached to one. Shortly after Mohs' and Lotts, Mohs' cross-examination ends.

Later during Lesler's cross-examination, when asked by Wozniak to point at who "killed" him, Lesler points at Mohs, which Lotts picks up on and exclaims that "[he's] pointing at [Mohs]".

During Wozniak's cross-examination, Mohs, Lesler, and Jab discuss how the 6 justices of the Supreme Court may show up at the trial as Mohs had prior connection to them through being a bailiff at some of their trials. Jab joins the conversation by saying that he also knows the justices of the Supreme Court, as they're cousins. Lesler then realizes that due to their connection to the justices of the Supreme Court, they can threaten Steel Wool into confessing. The threat works and Steel Wool admits to the murder of Mohs, Jab, Lesler, and Wendy's Employee. The unnamed presiding judge then proceeds to sentence Steel Wool to death.

In Memory Cards

After being invited and arriving at Scott Wozniak's Halloween and pumpkin part, Mohs is questioned by Scott Wozniak about what his costume is supposed to be. Mohs answers by saying that he was supposed Wozniak, which he attempted to depict by taping a mirror to his face. Mohs then attempts to enter New Location McGee, however, he's stopped by Wozniak, who says that he needs a pumpkin to enter, and that the pineapple he was holding wouldn't suffice. Mohs responds by saying that he misread pumpkin as pineapple in the invitation letter. Wozniak proceeds the conversation by saying that he doesn't want to hear excuses, which Mohs responds to by saying that he's fruit blind. Mohs is pitied by Terry Lesler and Jeb Jab, however, Wozniak doesn't let him in. Mohs then says that he has a permit and takes out a banana from his back pocket. Mohs then realizes that the banana wasn't a permit, and blames his fruit blindness. Afterwards, Wozniak lets Mohs into the party.

When talking about memory cards, Wozniak suggests that they should check the data on pre-owned memory cards Wozniak had bought, which they do. Upon checking two Nintendo GameCube memory cards, the attendees of the party find out that they have the same contents, which they find "odd". They then check another memory card, where they find save data from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Upon opening the save data, they find that the first save file inside the game is named "hELP", which Wozniak thought could be a code for the name Jim. They proceed to check another Nintendo GameCube memory card, and once they open it, they found out it has 15 and possibly more saves of Vivarium's 2006 game Odama.

After checking the 4th memory card, Mohs suggests that they should leave New Location McGee, which all the other attendees agree with. Upon attempting to leave, the door closes and locks, which Wozniak believed was due to a rat.

After finding out that memory card support was removed in later models of the Xbox 360, the attendees run into Wozniak's room while screaming. After discussing what to do, a memory card is stabbed into Wendy's Employee's leg, killing him. After discussing more memory cards, Mohs says that the events remind him of outside. Wozniak then, after hearing Mohs talking about being outside, believes that if they get the ghost outside, they'll be able to stop it. Lesler then follows the theory up by saying that if they want to bring the ghost outside, they need to stun it with something "big, bulky, and orange." Wozniak realizes that the pumpkin he had bought from the Lesler Pumpkin Orchard fits Lesler's description, and uses it to stun the ghost. After Wozniak stunned the ghost with the pumpkin, Mohs attempts to throw the ghost out of a window, however, he misses his first throw due to the mirror over his face obstructing his vision. After successfully throwing out the ghost, Wozniak ends the party.



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