Madden NFL 08 (Exaggeration) (often referred to as just Madden 08 (alias also stylized as Madden '08)) is a sports and Madden 08 game, it's the 19th entry in the Madden NFL Football video game series by EA Sports, the game was developed by EA Tiburon and Exient Entertainment and published by EA Sports for the Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo DS, Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, PC, Macintosh, and Nintendo Switch.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Madden NFL 08 appears in almost every episode of Scott The Woz, both physically and as a running gag. Scott Wozniak is mad in love with the game and disrespects everyone who loves another Madden, up until A Very Madden 08 Christmas. He is also seen to have most of the versions of the game.

It's Awesome Baby![edit | edit source]

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It was first seen in Scott Wozniak's delight of people's discussions on the Madden game series. Only one copy of the game survived Scott Wozniak's unexpected teleportation to a Dick Vitale's "Awesome, Baby!" College Hoops-centric continuum, as a result of being in Wozniak's space-time-continuum-proof bag.

Following Wozniak's protest on Dick Vitale and house arrest, he's greeted by three worshippers of the game. Realizing their obsession for it, he shows his Madden NFL 08 copy, which they find extraterrestrial, and brings it with him during his battle with the Supreme Leader inside the Genesis Mech

In the aftermath of the fight, Wozniak's copy of the game falls out of the mech and lands on a bucket of goo, which, in turn, turns the game into a mech, which starts another battle against the Genesis Mech. It is then halted with Wozniak throwing his copy as a projectile to detonate the Genesis Mech, further causing it to teleport Wozniak and the Supreme Leader, revealed to be RelaxAlax, to the next continuum. The new timeline wipes the game out of existence. Wozniak, winning a sweepstakes (as announced by Sweepstakes Winner Announcery Jim), discusses his plans to make Madden NFL 08 for its original platforms, and how a remake is further planned.

Box art[edit | edit source]

The box art for the game features Vince Young in a Tennessee Titans uniform holding a football on a white background with a ridge with the game's logo along with the EA Sports logo above it.

Vince Young speaks to Scott Wozniak through the Mac cover of Madden 08 in Episode 150: It's a Bargain Bin Christmas.

Spanish[edit | edit source]

Spanish Xbox 360 box art

The Spanish box art for the game is different from other countries and regions, instead of featuring Vince Young, it features Luis Castillo and the same logo layout as other country's box art.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Madden NFL 08 was included in EA Sports 08 Collection, a collection of sports games made by EA Sports in 2007. There is supposedly also an HD remake of the game, but it's unknown if it's released or not.

Cyborg[edit | edit source]

The Madden 08 cyborg being piloted by Scott Wozniak

The Madden NFL 08 cyborg (simply known as the Madden 08 cyborg), is a mech piloted by Scott Wozniak in It's Awesome Baby! in order to fight the Genesis Mech (piloted by the Supreme Leader). The cyborg is light-green (resembling the main color associated with The Clacks) and has the text "Madden 08" on it in bold. It was created by being dropped into a goo that turns items into cyborgs.

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Thurman Braxton a.k.a. Madden 08 - he is described as the main character of Madden NFL 08 according to Scott Wozniak, his goal is to avoid all numbers lower and higher than 08 while running over to the other side.
  • John Madden - John Madden (or simply Madden) is the "main focus" of the Madden NFL Football series, including Madden 08, the players can ask him for advice during a match and according to Scott Wozniak, he can be unlocked as a playable character.
  • Audience - the audience can be seen in the background of every match played in Madden 08, they don't do anything in terms of gameplay and are only used as decoration.
  • Hidden Valley - a custom character made in the MyMadden portion of the game, he is known for having the stiffest arm in the county.
  • LaMont Jordan - according to Scott Wozniak Jordan is a roadblock and one of the most iconic antagonists in all media.

All characters[edit | edit source]


Character Position Role Team Number Note(s)
Thurman Braxton "Main Character" The Clacks 87
Also known as Madden 08
Audience Background characters
John Madden Advice giver, player Unlockable?
Hidden Valley Strong safety Custom character The Clacks
Kansas City Chiefs*
LaMont Jordan Halfback "Antagonist/roadblock"? Oakland Raiders 34 "Iconic"?
Dominic Rhodes Minor "roadblock"
Michael Bush Minor "roadblock"
Justin Griffith Fullback Minor "roadblock"
Zack Crockett Minor "roadblock"
Ronald Curry Wide receiver Minor "roadblock"
Jerry Porter Minor "roadblock"
Travis Taylor Minor "roadblock"
Doug Gabriel Minor "roadblock"
Johnnie Lee Higgins Minor "roadblock"
Mike Williams Minor "roadblock"
Zach Miller Tightend Minor "roadblock"
John Madsen Minor "roadblock"
Tony Stewart Minor "roadblock"
Jake Grove Offensive line Minor "roadblock"
Barry Sims Minor "roadblock"
Jeremy Newberry Minor "roadblock"
Cooper Carlisle Minor "roadblock"
Robert Gallery Minor "roadblock"
Kevin Boothe Minor "roadblock"
Paul McQuistan Minor "roadblock"
Cornell Green Minor "roadblock"
Mario Henderson Minor "roadblock"
Ben Claxton Minor "roadblock"
Derrick Burgess Defensive line Minor "roadblock"
Warren Sapp Minor "roadblock"
Terdell Sands Minor "roadblock"
Tommy Kelly Minor "roadblock"
Tyler Brayton Minor "roadblock"
Quentin Moses Minor "roadblock"
Anttaj Hawthorne Minor "roadblock"
Kirk Morrison Linebacker Minor "roadblock"
Thomas Howard Minor "roadblock"
Sam Williams Minor "roadblock"
Robert Thomas Minor "roadblock"
Ricky Brown Minor "roadblock"
Isaiah Ekejiuba Minor "roadblock"
Nnamdi Asomugha Cornerback Minor "roadblock"
Fabian Washington Minor "roadblock"
Duane Starks Minor "roadblock"
John Bowie Minor "roadblock"
Stanford Routt Minor "roadblock"
Chris Carr Minor "roadblock"
Michael Huff Safetie Minor "roadblock"
Stuart Schweigert Minor "roadblock"
Jarrod Cooper Minor "roadblock"
Darnell Bing Minor "roadblock"
Eric Frampton Minor "roadblock"
Sebastian Janikowski Kicker Minor "roadblock"
Shane Lechler Punter Minor "roadblock"
Matt Leinart Quarterback Player Arizona Cardinals
Kurt Warner Player
Larry Fitzgerald Wide receiver Player
Anquan Boldin Player
Bryant Johnson Player
Steve Breaston Player
LeRon McCoy Player
Sean Morey Player
Michael Spurlock Player
Edgerrin James Halfback Player
Marcel Shipp Player
J.J. Arrington Player
Terrelle Smith Fullback Player
Leonard Pope Tightend Player
Ben Patrick Player
Tim Euhus Player
Reggie Wells Offensive line Player
Levi Brown Player
Qasim Mitchell Player
Oliver Ross Player
Deuce Lutui Player
AI Johnson Player
Elton Brown Player
Mike Gandy Player
Brandon Gorin Player
Nick Leckey Player
Bertrand Berry Defensive line Player
Chike Okeafor Player
Darnell Dockett Player
Alan Branch Player
Gabe Watson Player
Rodney Bailey Player
Joe Tafoya Player
Jonathan Lewis Player
Antonio Smith Player

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