It's a Bargain Bin Christmas is the 50th episode of Scott The Woz Season 3 and overall the 150th episode. The video premiered on December 23, 2019, by Scott Wozniak on Scott The Woz.

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Scott buys Battleborn and 200 other games. Happy Holidays!

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Scott Wozniak is bankrupt, so he goes to an agency and makes a deal that if he hosts a holiday charity event, he can become financially unstable instead of bankrupt. When realizing what he could give to the unfortunate, Scott Wozniak obtains an idea while thinking of Kinect Adventures!'s worth. Scott Wozniak proceeds to talk about the 'circle of life', which consists of a particular game releasing, being sold after the completion of said game, being sold again, and being sold another time while reducing its worth in the progress. He talks about the worthless games who just sit in game store shelves for elongated periods, to which he gives them the nickname 'bargain-bin games'. Scott Wozniak talks about the four categories when it comes to being a bargain-bin game: 'Worthless', games that are unplayable nowadays for one reason or another, whether it is that online features are unavailable, or a particular accessory is required to play the game is not included; 'The Yearlies', games in franchises that follow an annual release timeline, usually sports games, that become irrelevant once the next game releases; 'Been There Done That', games are known for their abundance, but are now left dormant, whether it is games that follow trends, or are bundled with a console or controller, games that are significantly low in quality.

Scott Wozniak then holds a charity for the Foundation for Recent Murderees, where he can give visitors bargain-bin games. He invites the murder victims of the Shaft Family Estate's Dinner Party. Eventually, they get angered as he gives them presents like American Idol for the PlayStation 2, FIFA 19 for the PlayStation 4, and Battleborn for the PlayStation 4. Scott Wozniak leaves the building, where he is greeted to The Ghost of Christmas Shaft, who tells him about how bad Scott Wozniak treated them, and acting like they were worth as much as bargain bin games. During Scott Wozniak and The Ghost of Christmas Shaft's conversation, the murdurees realize that they can sell the games and that Wii Play is actually fun. They then remorse to Scott Wozniak about their actions.

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[a Christmassy rendition of Breakout is heard. Text saying "Scott Wozniak Presents" in the Chomsky font fades in and out. more text saying "Scott The Woz Episode 150" also fades in and out. lastly, a logo with text saying "IT'S A BARGAIN BIN CHRISTMAS" fades in, and out. fade to a shot of a book with the Scott The Woz logo as the front cover on a table. the book opens]

James Rolfe Voiceover: This is the story of a boy who talked about stupid Nintendo games. Ever since 2017, he's done it 149 times and shows no sign of shame. Every single week he'd go Madden 08 this and FlingSmash that. It's really impressive how many sentences he could start with 'Hey all,' Any professionals could make the argument he's gone off the deep end, but I think it's just how he's always been. He just enjoys talking about these things regardless of what situations he gets himself into. Plus, he buys a lot of stuff, like a LOT of stuff, and he says on multiple occasions he evades taxes. like Jesus Christ, I think he does it for fun! But with the Christmas season upon us, his passion may have finally brought him towards a bit of a crisis.

[as the James Rolfe Voiceover speaks, several pictures show Scott Wozniak in different animation styles, reenacting scenarios from the episodes Nintendo Switch Wish List, A Look Back at the Nintendo 3DS, Stop Smoking!, The Worst Games of All Time, Polybius, A Very Madden 08 Christmas, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 | Return of a Laughing Stock, Game Stores, It's Awesome Baby!, The WiiWare Chronicles V, The Game Room, Wii Play | Eh, Why Not?, Desert Island Gaming, and The Great Mysteries of Gaming, then, the pages flick into a real-life shot of Scott Wozniak by his desk]

Scott Wozniak: Hey all, Scott here, and it's that time of year, the spending season, when it's okay to splurge a little bit and say, "You know what, I could use a toothbrush". Yesterday was my 'Go-To Buy FlingSmash' Day. The day before that was the 'Buy The Rights To Socks' Day; didn't pan out, lost a few grand. The day before that I bought a few shares of Loot Crate.

[a screenshot of a news article titled "Loot Crate files for bankruptcy and plans to sell itself" by Los Angeles Times is shown]

Scott Wozniak: I should probably read the news more.

Scott Wozniak: And today, I'm gonna get my gallbladder removed just for the hell of it!

[in the next shot, Scott Wozniak is now wearing a hospital gown]

Scott Wozniak: I'm broke.

[cut to a shot inside a building, where Wozniak is talking with a businessman]

Scott Wozniak: Hi, Scott Wozniak, bankruptcy activist.

Kay Swiss: Kay Swiss, bankruptcy patrol.

Scott Wozniak: So I was hoping you could help me out a little bit here, according to the bank, government, and wallet, I have no money.

'Kay Swiss: Are you sure? Most people who claim bankruptcy have a forgotten gift card or something.

Scott Wozniak: I was actually gonna ask you to see if you could check my account and see if I left an Arby's card there or something.

[Kay Swiss checks Wozniak's account on his computer]

Kay Swiss: I don't know what to tell you, man, you're completely broke.

Scott Wozniak: My god! I don't know how this could've happened!

Kay Swiss: Really? You don't know why you're broke? You brought your entire stack of Fling Smash.

[the camera temporarily zooms out, revealing a stack of 25 copies of FlingSmash on Kay Swiss' desk]

Scott Wozniak: Never leave the house without it.

Kay Swiss: Never?

Scott Wozniak: It's a bitch.

Kay Swiss: No one man needs this much FlingSmash. And why are they all wet!?

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The episode was originally supposed have a scene showing Kay Swiss putting a stick on Scott Wozniak's tongue,[2] however, it was scrapped.
  • While talking about charity, Scott Wozniak said that it's the best way "to go from bankruptcy to struggling", which may be a reference to the title of On Your Mark, Get Set...Munch!! - From Struggling to Bankruptcy.
  • The video was originally going to be published/premiered on December 22, 2019, but was delayed by one day to December 23, 2019, as Scott Wozniak hired Vince Young on Cameo to do a scene in which, at the time, was yet to be given. This was confirmed via his twitter on December 24, 2019.
  • Several people who have connections with Scott Wozniak commented on the premiere's live chat.
    • TetraBitGaming, a moderator on the Scott The Woz YouTube channel and collab partner of Scott Wozniak, commented various messages. He commented "​H E Y A L L", "​RIP Wii U", "​FLINGSMASH HYPE", "​War Bonds LMAO", "​Damn, Nice Xbox 360 collection Scott", "​CONTRAAAA", "​Beatles Rockband is dope", "This is kinda sad tbh 😕", "​okay epic", "​Nice Gala", "​SPREEEEEEEEEEE", "​Laced their meat with tofu hahaha", "​Real wholesome hours", "​HOLY LETS GOOOOO", "​Spotify link??", "​Lmao I love the guy at the trash can", "​OD on H20 lets go", "​OMG Wii Play", "​RIP desk ​😕", "​I love how that guys whole purpose is to tell WTF", "​OMG", "​Bankruptcy is CANCELLED", "​Bravo", and "​​👏👏👏👏👏👏".
    • Jarred Wise, the actor of Steel Wool, commented "​Shhh its starting" and "​Merry Christmas guys!".
    • Rebaka-Chan, an animator for the episode, commented "im offended i like destiny lmao".
    • Nicholas Karr, a musician who did work on It's a Bargain Bin Christmas as well as other Scott The Woz episodes, commented "​Hell yeah".
    • Alex Carducci, better known online as RelaxAlax, a collab partner of Scott Wozniak, commented "❤️ BRAVO".
  • Many animators for the video published a video of their animated scene from the video on their Twitter, some also posted other Scott The Woz related posts around the time of the release of the episode.
  • In the video, Scott Wozniak receives the Mac, PC, and PlayStation Portable versions of Madden NFL 08 as well as EA Sports 08 Collection from the murderees, completing his Madden NFL 08 collection.
  • The logo for the episode took inspiration from the 1946 film It's a Wonderful Life and "typical Dickensville branding."[3]
  • The animation of Stop Smoking! by Leah Dejohn misses the items on Scott Wozniak's desk.
  • The animation of The Worst Games of All Time by GeorgeGW features several references to other Scott The Woz episodes on the papers Scott Wozniak is analyzing.
    • "Gravity Rush" presumably being a reference to Gravity Rush | Tales from the Backlog, which (as the title suggests) covers the video game Gravity Rush.
    • "GW" is the signature of GeorgeGW. The figure that's also seen in on the paper is an original creation by GeorgeGW.
    • "Q&A-e Award Winners" is presumably a reference to the Q&A-ies, an award system during TooManyGames 2019.
    • The paper saying "Epic Paper" has a picture of the video game character Kirby on it, presumably referencing GeorgeGW's animated Kirby-based series Kirby Epic Paper and Kirby Epic Paper 2.
  • Deon Parson, better known as $uprDee2, added his own character, Plush Maria, to his animation of The Game Room.
  • Rebaka-Chan's animation of Desert Island Gaming adds The Internet and You, Dick Vitale's "Awesome Baby" College Hoops for Nintendo Switch, and Madden NFL 08 for the Nintendo Switch to the windows of the Five Below.
  • The video had a score of 3.8/5 based on 51 votes on the social network Letterboxd prior to the episode's page on the website being taken down.[4]

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